Friday, June 5, 2009

A -Kon Overview

Big Daddy, originally uploaded by DrPikman.

I didn't take too many pix. Well, a lot of the pix I took turned out to be crap. Anyway, feel free to look at the wasteland that is my flickr account.

The trip to Dallas started out on the Thursday before the con. Picked up my good friend Xero from his place and set off for adventure. After a boring drive(the scenery that is) we hit up the Sheraton and unload Xero's goods. Xero spent the night with the Applegeeks gang while I spent some time with my friend Vivi and her BF. We went to dinner at some sushi place where I ate my first and perhaps last piece of sushi. After loitering in the parking lot, Team Vivi and I part ways and I head off to spend the night at my friend Pog's place.

After about having around 4 hours 'o sleep Team Pog and yours truly head out to lunch for some sandwiches. It was good. We part ways and I head out to the con... about 5-6 hours late. Hotel parking was FULL. No self parking... no valet. I had to park in some garage 2.5 blocks away. Luckily, the hotel held on to my bags while I parked a million miles away from civilization.

After checking in, I head to the alley where I set up the goods. To my surprise, I end up placed next to Endling. I also end up sitting next to Camilla d'Errico who was very nice and very popular. Later on that evening I got to hang with the Applegeeks crew and Xero. Very cool cats. The next 2 nights I spend with Xero =)

Saturday hits. Stuff gets sold. Day goes by. Evening is here and the fun really starts. I am told that dinner plans are iffy so I find myself going to the super-fun Mall Of No McDonalds where I spot my good pals Dave and Blain. I join them along with a Mr. Brion for dinner and some talk about crack and cocaine. It is then decided that we watch Pixar's UP at midnight.

We get lost in downtown. We venture out to the nearest mall. We get lost at the mall. We obtain candy and pizza. Movies starts. Everyone(Dave) cries. Movie ends. We go "home".

I head up to the hotel room aiming to get a good night's rest, for I must get up early to check out. "F that," the hotel gods scowled. 3 or 4 of the WORST fire alarms blare along with what can only be described as satan himself with a megaphone yelling inside your ear hole. Xero and I were ready to murder.

Sunday afternoon comes and I head to the alley for the last few hours of the con. Everyone says goodbye to each other with the hugging and whatnot. Finally, Xero and I hit the dusty trail back to where ever it is we live.

the end